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Plans For Safety Improvements in Pasadena Cause Upset... Again. 
BY: Dayna on March 05, 2018

As a resident of the city of Pasadena, I have noticed over the years, an increase in the ...

The Santa Monica Safe Streets Alliance Launches!
BY: Dayna on February 26, 2018

Streets Are For Everyone (SAFE) is proud to announce our new partnership with Santa Monica ...

Families For SAFE Streets Profile: Cynthia Ramirez
BY: Dayna on February 22, 2018

On February 18, 2016, Cynthia Ramirez's family was shattered. Her brother, Jonathan (14...

STOP the CARnage: A Rolling Protest for Safer Streets A Success!
BY: Dayna on February 20, 2018

SUCCESS!! A sincere and very LARGE thank you goes out to everyone who made it out to our rol...

Ignition Interlocks Will Soon Feature Cameras to Monitor Convicted Drunk Drivers
BY: Dayna on February 16, 2018

Finally. The questionable loophole in regards to the effectiveness of ignition interlocks...

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